The impact of climate change in East Africa’s hard-to-reach areas - online

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Climate change is one of the most distressing threats of current time East Africa, climate change is characterized by extreme weather conditions such as droughts which last longer than usual, irregular and unpredictable rainfall, flooding, and increasing temperatures. These have a negative impact on both the natural environment and the communities’ livelihoods.
As a consequence of climate change, the communities in East Africa’s hard-to-reach areas suffer from water scarcity, declining agricultural yield, reduced number and poor health of the livestock, food insecurity, and exacerbated conflicts over resources.
This evening you will get the chance to listen to and interact with speakers from Kenya and Ethiopia on their view on climate change. There are various initiatives across Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan that address the vicious cycles of climate change by encouraging the communities’ resilience. We will also grapple with why human rights considerations must be integrated into climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Online lecture in cooperation with NGO Hoffnungszeichen Sign of Hope e. V, (Constance) and Volkshochschule Landkreis Konstanz e.V. Gefördert vom DVV International im Rahmen des Programms "Globales Lernen in der Volkshochschule".


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