Solid-State Sensors / Festkörpersensoren

Datum 01.04.2024 bis 15.09.2024
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The advances in microelectronics and micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) have revolutionized the scenario of sensor technology. Thanks to new materials and processes, traditional bulky, slow and expensive sensor systems could be replaced by miniaturized and integrated smart sensors based on semiconductors. With the help of solid-state sensors, various application areas have been developed. In everyday life, we encounter them, for example in the form of navigation and control systems in vehicles or as microphones, accelerometers, compass and cameras in mobile phones and tablets. In addition to the automotive industry and the mobile communications, solid-state sensors find applications in many other areas, for example in health care to record the blood pressure or body temperature in real time.
This module imparts a general overview of solid-state sensors with different points of focus, such as sensor system design, operational amplifiers, and solid-state physics. In addition, various semiconductor-based detection methods for radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing), magnetic fields, mechanical forces, and temperature. In addition, the students are intensively dealing with the fundamentals of MEMS.


elektrotechnik, messtechnik, sensoren


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